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Discover how AquaBella technology improves soil fertility and water quality.

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Unleash - Root Inoculant and Plant Probiotic for Soil Hydroponics

For more information about Unleash benefits visit the Unleash website.

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It takes rigorous science to achieve a stable mixture of microbes

We begin with all-natural ingredients and use them to make our proprietary bacterial inoculant in all of our products.

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BioFilm Buster Pro




As the vineyard manager for Charles Krug Winery, located in the Napa Valley, I had the opportunity to use BioFilm Buster Pro on our holding ponds and pipes. BioFilm Buster Pro reduced sludge and organic material in our pipes and kept our sump pump running without getting clogged. In my previous experience the pump’s filters would get clogged repeatedly, which was a real problem for us. We are still discovering additional benefits of using BioFilm Buster Pro and will be using it again this year.

- Joe Martinez, Charles Krug Winery