Water: The 21st Century Challenge

Around the United States and the globe, communities are coming to terms with the need for safe, effective means of water remediation. In Idaho, regulators and state officials are struggling to find innovative ways to clear phosphorous from the Boise River. In Texas, areas facing sustained drought (one even longer than the drought that now threatens the fruit and vegetable mega-producer of California) are learning how to convert wastewater to an emergency drinking source. And, in China, the country’s leadership is preparing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in an effort to alleviate widespread pollution that has been the result of rapid urbanization and meteoric industrial growth.

While water use, as well as its treatment and regulation, remain political hot-buttons, few question the fact that water remains a critical resource, one crucial to life. In fact, the legacy of the 21st century may very well be decided on how we face down the need to protect and provide this most vital of resources as it sits at the center of so many of our most challenging issues.

AquaBella Bio-Enzyme water treatment offers an effective option for certain types of remediation and water health issues. AquaBella effectively and quickly reduces odors while breaking down solids and reducing overall Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). By using a stable combination of aerobic and anaerobic microbes, AquaBella offers a treatment that can handle highly-stressed water environments with little to no dissolved oxygen.  Furthermore, AquaBella Bio-Enzyme water treatment contains no GMOs or regulated chemicals, thus offering a water remediation tool conceived and calibrated to be good for the environment.

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